Tuesday, December 22, 2009

pesta yippi!yippi!

pesta with my sys meya and syamil((:
ahah((: today i want to tell something that make me smile till now..heyy,,dont think negative yew~I JUST ENJOY yesterday dapat pi pesta ngan someone yang aku x penah jumpa before this..*))but someone olwez tell a bit about him..ahah(: hah,,at last,,dapat gak tengok muka dya hmm,,quite smart LOL . .sangat cool beb! sangat suke**the most best part,,ROLLER COASTER waaaa!!!jerit macam monkey ahahak=)tapi,,aku suka dya sangat cool and...relax!and..and..and top gun,,mintak simpang!i am not!!!..just dya and my sys jew nek TOP GUN tuw~=))
sangat syiok last night,,lol!if i could say to you,,,THANXXX a lot for last night...but,,i couldn't get a chance to say that..but,,what i want to say here is,,thanx for treat us last night even kau x manyak cakap ngan aku..sys aku jew yang manyak pot pet!!hehehk=))*gurau jew..tapi,,best sangat tengok muka dya yang cool;)) if i could have a chance to talk talk with him,,yeah!mesti bes kan??i really really hope next time dapat kuaq ngan dya lagi..really hope..and i want to say what happen last night,,it olwez make me smile today((: tengss for reading this yeww~ sekadar untuk bercerita tentang ...,, hope dya still engat aku;))

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