Thursday, December 31, 2009

today first day of january 2o1o((:

today first day of january 2o1o((: sowiee,,date atas nieyh mengong sket

ouh,,so so so sedeyh lol
2oo9 go away just like that
..really really miss the
old memory meyh..
andd,,now 2o1o is coming..luv to be a new person..oppsss,,still be myself but change for a better one larh,,heeeeeeeeee!!!..
today,,aku pack pack barang coz besok pagi pagi buta nak kena berambus dari my home
ouh gonna missyou larh home..
starting from tomorrow,,i have to study hard smart!smart!smart! for pmr beb!..pejam celik pejam celik dah fom 3 cik adek oii!!!..x leyh banyak attitude,,new looking heyy i mean more smiling lol asyek masam jaa

heyy,,i want to nak change myself to be what they want,,oke??

more smiling :))
want a good result for pmr 7'a...AMIN!!!
cleanliness is important is first..stop dreaming for nothing!
want to make mama andd abah proud of me yaa..=)
actually,,i want my own handset..mama promiss me to buy if i could the best for my exam..ehheeeeee((:
ahaaa,, diet!diet!diet! nak turunkan berat badan ..dah gemoo laa:((
zzzz!!! 3 aked next year less SUGAR less SLEEP!..ahah((:

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