Friday, December 25, 2009

ouh,,last night i couldn't sleep night lol..almost 4 pagi kuwt..ahah ((: ..aku pon x taw pa yang buat aku x leyh tido..hurmm,,den i was thinking about last 3 and 4years..huh..rrr!!..when i was standart 6..huh!!!..her name no need to mention..she's the one who make me suffer while im studying in minden height..bila aku engat balek,,huh,,that time,,im so one can understand my situation on that time..really really hurting me!..huh..depan PIJAK SEMUT PUN TAK MATI lal..pretanding nice depan konon..she's the perfect one..aku lar 'orang yang sentiasa bersalah'..huh..because of her,,i lost my friend when i was standart 5..that time,,i just follow her order,kononya lah..coz im a new student at that skuwl..kononnya nak jaga aku..pi blah lar..depan punyalar baik nak jaga aku..tup..tup..tinggal aku cam tuw ja..what kind of kazen is that??!!..dah lar letak satu kelas..nyesal glew!..aku hope sangat apa yang selama nie dya wut kat aku,,akan jadi balek kat dya satu arie nantiee..tapi,,x,,she's not at the same skuwl with me..yeah!!..letak jauh jauh lagi baek lal!!! that time,,i feel my life very complicated..very hurting crying inside to hide my sadness everytime i go back to one no what my one can't understand even i tell them..they can get it when they on my place..

and now,,
aku happy without that hard memories..

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