Thursday, March 18, 2010

ouh a very very bored holiday..sangat sangat bosan holiday kali niee..
hmm,,today already FRIDAYY..arggg..this sunday goin back to ostel..
haishhh!i spend my holiday with study sket sket and ONLINEEEE...
huh..takot sangat sangat nak dapat result for mid term..urgghh terok lar aku kali nieee...
there's nothing special that i want to post this timee..

haa..i wanna say THANXX for my sistaa for buying me that AWESOME pencel case ahahahaha and note book..huh preety cool(:

akademi fantasia??
huh?spa yg aku sukeee?
hmm,, maybee SYAHIR and IWAN and EMMA..
i luv their style beb:)
IWAN sangat sangat cool and quite handsome
suke suke laaa..

talking bout SUGARR??

hah!today.friday.19 march 10
take some pic: